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International Branding
Biolan, biotechnological company specialized in bioscience whose natural market are the wine, lacteal, fishery and other sectors, was looking for internationalization with a representative and relevant image. Once having analyzed the brand deeply and knowing their objectives, we designed a brand restyling, focusing on its market niches. For being able to conduct the strategy, we defined: an appropriate nomenclature, the hierarchy of the brand and the construction of the naming, applied to each sector.
One on the keys of the project was the building of the lines of communication and strengthening them looking for more competitive and commercial discourses for each case. Besides, we also looked for a Brandfelling, an identity element which could help Biolan being more recognized, relevant and differentiated.
Regarding the digital scope, is there when everything takes shape, as we built a web where we reflect the set of the Branding strategy. A web where the most important was clearly differentiating in a visible and attractive way the sectors, always taking into account the usability of the user and the professionalism that should be transmitted. Biolan continues developing and commercializing new biosensors that detect agri-food and health molecules in a notorious and relevant way. A proof of this is the reward that Biolan received for the innovative PYME in the food industry in 2016.