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Marketing Automation/CRM

In an increasingly saturated market, the user’s experience is more and more important to obtain and preserve contacts. Thus, is not just a data store of your contacts, it is a tool that will enable you to squeeze the most out of all that information, creating positive experiences that will permit establishing long-term relationships based on knowledge and trust.


Compile data about your potential contacts and organise them to save time. This is easy to manage, and individual datasheets can be generated with personalised fields. Segmentation is the key to know what to send, when and to whom. Create more solid bonds through smart lists with personalisable criteria such as the sector, behavioural patterns and preferences,…


Design the flow and capture contacts with personalised multi-channel campaigns according to your needs and objectives. You can design, try and launch a campaign both easily and intuitively. Transfer your messages through mailings with a very easy-to-use editor, without requiring any knowledge of HTML. Increase your database with advanced scoring and management of contacts. Improve contacts’ interest by means of actions in the different stages towards conversion, based on lead nurturing through personalised contents.


Get a full overview of what is happening on your website through the web tracking and take smart decisions based on real data. You will be able to analyse the users’ behaviour through heatmaps, browsing patterns, advanced analytics data. You will also be able to extract data about any action, mailing or form you wish, in real time, and make adjustments on the go. Manage to calculate the ROI and the yield of your digital marketing actions.


Do not lose information on the way. Synchronise your tools and combine everything in one site in just a few minutes, in a simple manner. You can also create direct accesses to other applications.


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