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If you do not know the results of your actions, how can you exceed your objectives? At Bostnan we understand the importance of achieving the objectives but we also believe in the importance of analysing to be able to grow.


We contemplate web analytics as an integral and essential part of any digital strategy. Analysing the web traffic in agreement with the phase where users are at helps your business identify the necessary improvement points. Web analysis directly affects the entire strategy. At Bostnan, we transform all that information into conclusions that will help us optimise our digital strategies day by day.


Depending on the objective of the campaign, we implement and configure the necessary tools so that, apart from obtaining data, we get insights that will help you take the right decisions to achieve more sales, satisfied customers or qualified leads. These elements really help us get to know the customers. They are essential elements that activate people’s emotions and behaviours. Analysing and proposing improvements in the conversion funnels of an e-Commerce or the continuously improving the landing pages, for examples, are compulsory CRO tasks in our daily activity.


If you have a clear idea of your objectives but you are incapable of identifying why you do not manage to reach them, you need website consulting. At Bostnan we like learning and analysing the digital ecosystem that surrounds us in depth, using the best tools to identify your strengths and weaknesses. We use the most relevant information to develop a strategy that is in line with your KPIs and that encompasses the most important elements of your digital ecosystem.


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