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Attract potential customers in an organic manner by creating content, dissemination strategies in social networks, monitoring and nurturing contacts. We get results, and we measure the return on investment of your digital marketing strategy.


The consumer world has changed. We can no longer influence users, in any place or in any way, if our aim is to convert them into customers. Inbound focuses on the users’ expectations, on what they are looking for and on how to present things to them in an attractive way so that it is the user who comes to us. Some of the tools and strategies we work with to attract qualified users to the website are: optimisation of search engines, content marketing, blogging, social media marketing,…


Despite this phase requiring a lot of effort, this is where the results of the content marketing strategy begin to be seen. Now that we have managed to get repeat visitors to the website, the next step is to guide them towards the conversion funnel by means of calls to action (CTA). To achieve this objective, at Bostnan we design and develop efficient landing pages, smart forms, exclusive content, etc.


This is a critical stage as it is where we analyse the results. The closing stage is where we guide all qualified website visitors (leads) to the next stage in the conversion funnel, for them to become customers. Converting the leads into customers can sometimes involve a long process. Normally it takes between 7 and 13 clicks to convert a potential customer into a sale. So, what marketing techniques must we use to help close more customers? At Bostnan we commit to marketing automation through workflows, efficient mailing and segmentation of the database.


The aim of Inbound is to provide our potential contacts and customers with relevant and appealing content. The fact that a user has purchased a product or signed a contract does not mean that we must forget about him. Companies that apply an Inbound strategy continue to interact with their customers to measure their satisfaction. This translates into an increase in sales, growth of their customer database, and it helps them achieve brand advocates. At Bostnan, we develop strategies with dynamic content, social media monitoring, trigger marketing,… which facilitate this task.


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