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Explore the realities of public relations with the field marketing app, a tool that is able to directly connect to people’s emotiveness.


Success in the experience lies to a great extent in the environment we create. The physical space that we create will be the most influential contact point and this requires specific understanding of the captivating execution and spatial strategy. We work with your marketing team to understand your metrics, objectives and goals for the brand, we connect with the psychology of their ideal assistant and create a vision and a strategy for the experience.


Invitations by mailings, push notifications, registration forms on landing pages, mobile apps,… are just some of the digital elements we use to drive traffic to live the experience. We construct scalable solutions through web platforms, mobile phones and social networks to drive the interaction of the assistants, both online and offline. Our own NET-CRM tool enables us to offer you tracking of the efficiency of the events organised, through clicks, visits and mailing campaigns..


Spreading the experience of the event through relevant social media or digital campaigns may be just as important as the actual atmosphere created for the event per se. We believe that the event must be shared, interacting with the public of the social networks to create engagement.


We ensure that the data and tracking are integrated through every possible contact point. Our big data tool and the analysis team responsible for compiling processable learning and knowledge, enable us to provide a complete report and contribute to the strategy of future events.


Write us and start creating a new way to communicate and understand the Digital Marketing.