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International corporate communication campaign
Orona, Spanish leader in elevation sector and one of the world's ten largest companies entrusted to us the creation of its internationalization strategy campaign. For that, we used the essential values of the brand, with a very marked identity, fresh and a global and open nature. The production was made in Barcelona and Brussels. In addition, several captures and references were made in United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland, France and Portugal, where we used local staff as models providing regional character to the international communication.
All the creative material was published in specialist journals, national and international press and, of course, in the website and social networks, etc. It is also worth to say that we have accompanied Orona a leader company which activities are centered on the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, and modernization of elevators, escalators, moving ramps and walkways for many years now. We have grown together helping to make the brand increasingly internationally recognized for its people, for its service. We have managed to capture these values in print level actions such as brand segmentation and its application and adaptation to different segments, catalogs, annual reports, announcements for general press and magazines, product sheets, etc.