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Making Spots for TV and cinemas and e-commerce strategy
Jata, nationally recognized company with mid-range product and a track record of over 70 years, looked for, on the one hand, the repositioning of its product range called Jata Electro with a clear objective: to reinforce their values, renew aesthetic and product image and approach a younger target nationally. He placed confidence in Bostnan to develop an e-commerce platform, to offer the user a complete experience.
The assignment was simple, but the goal more complicated, as we also had to reinforce and improve the perception and brandfeeling in the market, strengthen the bonds of closeness and it also had to sell. After studying the case, we undertook the project by strengthening and improving the perception and brandfeeling on the market, integrating and translating goals with consistency within the key piece of the campaign: TV and cinema spots. We go for it and we get it right. We launched a different image from the one Jata has projected so far. In just 20'' we manage to project a fresh, cheerful, young and technological image centered on the star products of Electro Jata. We leave celebrities aside to start a new career with a new style: a healthy life is easier with Jata.
Regarding the development of the new online sales platform of Jata, we carried out an integral strategy, in which the website plays a prominent role and is considered the point where the products and the experience of the user meet. When handling the process, we faced the additional challenge of organizing the large number of references that Jata has, transferring a current image and without downplaying the navigability of the site at any time.