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Branding / International Communication Plan and Online Strategy
Bostnan is asked to accomplish the biggest challenge that has ever been made in Basque Country about branding, where a cooperative that works with thirteen different brands asked us to gather them all under the same umbrella, DanobatGroup, and two product brands: Danobat, as a multi-technological brand with a world leader product, and Soraluce, one of the world leaders in milling products. The integral architecture of all this solution is so complex that we had to solve both generic architecture as international applications by countries, sectors and market niches.

After that, we faced a second phase that lasted 18 months and more than a hundred reunions all over the globe, such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia… Thus, we agreed a communication line, with an integral communication plan, which is in use currently. We created a specific style with common guidelines and developed their catalogue and visual line, and made more than 20 different corporative videos. We built all their messages, their architecture, their slogans…

Online Strategy

We also developed an aggressive communication strategy in Germany as their principal market, and worked in an international communication strategy, introducing our clients new solution, technologies… Additionally we developed and organized the Technology Days event, which worked as a presentation card of the renewal of the cooperation to clients in situ.

For this project, our aim was to develop the DANOBATGROUP also a very complex website platform with hundreds of products and make it work as a commercial tool, so we did. We gathered all the supply and show it within an attractive visual disposition using rich images, but paying special care to web accessibility and usability without forgetting the SEO positioning in the process.