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Strategy and Plan of International Communication Online / Offline
New Music Now arises in 2011 in order to facilitate work for both individuals and collectives of musicians, musical groups and music schools through the development of innovative work systems using the advantages offered by new technologies.
We are talking about a team of musician who know the sector and the existing needs first hand. We could say that this is a project done by musicians for musicians. They develop tools to improve how to study, work and interpret scores taking advantage of technological advances that we have today.

New Music Now asked us to create a brand image for the new product, Blackbinder, a hands-free app for scores, compatible with phones and tablets. Our work, show the app as an innovation that will transform the way we understand music.
It is a tool with which the musician can carry out the entire work process, from acquisition, interaction to final performance. This way, we pass from the traditional scores to digital scores, which provide with a number of advantages so as to facilitate the work of musicians.

To do this we created an interactive website that allows users to display all the advantages offered by this new app, as well as pieces of communication and all its corporate stationery. We want to show the facilities and advantages that the app provides us by working on a digital support.