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New product launching
Beissier, a leading provider of solutions for professional rehabilitation and construction, seeks an innovation that responds to efforts to offer the best products to the painter. The art direction and the work of our graphic designers is well reflected in every and each one of the thousands of work pieces that we have created and done for the brand Beissier. Furthermore, creation, structuring and prioritization skills altogether with the art of arranging content with magic, is task of our COPY. Once again Beissier places its confidence in Bostnan for the launch of its new product.

Among the pieces we have developed you can find annual fees, product catalogs, catalog prestige, brochures, leaflets, PLVs, graphic art and packaging for commercial briefcases, a variety of actions for point of sale, as stickers, BOX Pallet, totems, packaging for general product, covers for countertops, graphic design and stand construction for fairs.