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Positioning strategy and catalogue
Admira, a leading producer of Spanish guitar, whose guitars are highly respected by musicians of all genres who value the extraordinary depth and richness of sound, looked for renewing its image to appear on the market as an up-to-date and innovative brand, suggesting customers all their "soul". In Bostnan we got to work researching, studying and feeling the essence of this house of great experience, to give the correct answer to Admira.
After several strategy meetings and sessions of “Thinking out of the box”, we created and presented an integral branding with a positioning strategy and a more conceptual charge in the inputs of the brand.

A renewed Admira, an Admira that had been reborn. The emotion and the excitement of this project led us to create a new warm and emotional artistic line, accompanied by a vibrant design, like the strings of their guitars. Different media such as traditional advertising in specialized media sector has been used; both on and off and Retail, strong point of Bostnan where we have proposed a new strategy. Admira, the Guitar with Soul.

Admira today continues occupying a distinguished place among the Spanish companies involved in the musical instruments manufacture. They continue working to get the best sound with the highest quality guitars, made with the best wood and the traditional construction methods.