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Reposicionamiento y arquitectura de comunicación integral
Azti, experts and reference nationwide within the scope of marine and feeding investigations, looked for the entity´s reposition as a whole. In a highly specialized sector as it is, they had to establish hierarchies and an architecture of communication in order to achieve this repositioning, with the added difficulty of being related with Tecnalia Aliance. Through an audience research and the competitive benchmarking, we developed a integrated strategy of repositioning and a communication architecture with which we looked for transferring an emotional charge, not too self-oriented, based on more ambiguous images, but with enough strength to add value to the company. Besides, we designed an essence of core values organized in different axes and hierarchies. This all resulted in a whole into a technical and quality image for Azti.

An important part of the work has been the architecture and its digital repositioning, both in the media and brand domains, and SEO strategies and social networks. One of the causes is directed to an audience with a gastronomic investigator´s profile, but with a lighthearted touch: #AztiFoodHunters. Through the landing and social networks, discoveries of people around the world come together in terms of gastronomic innovation, creating a community and a network of common knowledge on one of the fundamental pillars of Azti.


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Finally and for the positioning being really significant, we created differentiators identity elements in the sector. On the one hand, the main messages and core values were worked out, supported by powerful and well recognized images. On the other hand, latent messages, which served for transmitting emotional charge, but not too personalistic, as proposed at the beginning of the communication.
Azti continues being increasingly important nowadays, driven by sustainable business initiatives and new projects which boost the industrial fabric and recover and preserve natural resources.